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​So, tonight my brilliant spouse made Almond Chicken Korma for dinner.

We've become enamored with Indian food over the last few months and Kim has been cooking various recipes, many of which can be made in a slow cooker.

Chicken Korma is my go to order when we go out for Indian. I am not a fan of spicy foods and korma has great depth of flavor without the heat.

The restaurant we prefer does a cashew based chicken korma that I suspect is made with heavy cream, making it very rich.

The almond based korma, made with plain yogurt has a much lighter, healthier taste and is a better option for more regular meals. In my opinion, the rich cashew based korma is more of a special occasion meal

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​2 Fat Ladies Camping

So, to anticipate the question many of you might be asking - why that name?

Well, because it's what we will be and I prefer to mention it before others get there. And I refuse to treat "fat" as a bad word.  Some people are tall, some short, others thin, and some fat.

Also, one of the main drivers of planning to do a self-designed camper is the fact that most (all??) RV manufacturers assume you are of average height, weight, and physically fit. (I can't imagine climbing up to that tiny space over the cab the RV companies call a bed). And the bathrooms? I've had more space on airplanes.

So, I want to be able to choose furniture and fittings that FIT us.  And maybe help other people who aren't average to design their own camper.

And so a disclaimer - what you see is what we're doing. While I tend to research things to the point of silliness and am prone to analysis paralysis, I am not an expert so take my suggestions for what they are worth.